Handel: Semele (2 DVD)

Бренд: Opernhaus Zurich,Clasart Film + TV Produktions GmbH

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Live from the . Zurich . Opera . House, . Cecilia . Bartoli stars in the virtuoso title role of . Handels drama of ambition, vanity and seduction. . Now one of . Handels most popular operas, . Semele contains some of his best vocal music, including . Whereer you walk and the show-stopping mirror aria . Myself . I shall adore, in which . Semele spectacularly serenades her own reflection. . Robert . Carsens stylish and inventive production - perfectly placed in a court of more recent times - and the musical direction of renowned . Handel specialist . William . Christie bring to life the machinations of both gods and mortals in this witty . Handelian delight.