Puccini: Tosca

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Tosca is a story of lust and crime, originally written for . Sarah . Bernhardt by the . French playwright, . Victorien . Sardou. . Puccini’s genius lay in his remarkable ability to transform such a tale into an opera of the highest drama and passion. . Tosca was central to . Puccini’s career and revealed a new refinement and fluency in his work. . Through . Tosca, a drama of idealistic young love, . Puccini was bidding farewell to young manhood, with melodic style and rousing passion. This production of one of . Puccini’s best-loved works from the magnificent . Roman amphitheatre in . Verona features the outstanding performances of . Eva . Marton in the title role, with . Ingvar . Wixell as a superbly wicked . Scarpia and . Giacomo . Aragall as the ill-fated . Cavaradossi. . Opera . In . Three . Acts.