The Sins of Lord Easterbrook


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Only a desperate mission could bring . Leona . Montgomery face-to-face with the scoundrel whose dangerous sensuality once sent her fleeing from his arms. . But she has under-estimated . Christian, . Marquess of . Easterbrook. . As irresistible as ever, his past swathed in mystery, . Christian has his own plans for the woman he has waited seven years to claim. . Yet once desire reignites, bringing a dangerous secret into the open, . Leona will find herself bound to the seductive nobleman in ways she could never have imagined. . Seven years have changed nothing: this man can tempt her to ruin with just one touch. . With . Leona’s reputation and hopes for her family’s salvation in tatters, she must follow the only course left to her… even as each step brings her closer to a shattering truth and a passion she can no longer live without…