Back to Blood


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A big, panoramic story of the new . America, as told by our master chronicler of the way we live now. . As a police launch speeds across . Miamis . Biscayne . Bay-with our hero, officer . Nestor . Camacho, on board-. Tom . Wolfe is off and running headlong into the only city in the world where people from a different country with a different language and a different culture have taken over at the ballot box.   . This melting pot is full of hard cases who just wont melt, damn it: a . Cuban mayor; a black police chief; a hot young reporter and a timid editor of the . Miami . Herald, both . WASPs who went to . Yale; an . Anglo sex-addiction psychiatrist who keeps his lovely . Latina nurse, . Magdalena, in his bed and his star patient, a porn-addicted billionaire, on a string; a status-addled . Haitian professor who thinks hes really . French and wants his pale-skinned daughter to pass and his . Creole-spouting son to be quiet.   . Then there are the clueless collectors who . See it! . Like it! . Buy it!, spending tens of millions per minute on de-skilled art at . Miami . Art . Basel; black drug dealers colliding with the . Cuban cops; . Columbus . Day . Regatta spectators who only have eyes for the annual apres-race orgy; and . Active . Adult condos full of yenta-heavy ex-. New . Yorkers, not to mention a nest of shady . Russians. . Based on the same sort of detailed, on-scene, high-energy reporting that powered . Tom . Wolfes previous bestselling novels, . Back to . Blood is another brilliant, spot-on, scrupulous, and often hilarious reckoning with our times.