KISS: Meet The Press

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The art of giving an interview has never eluded the band . KISS! . Founding members . Peter . Criss, . Ace . Frehley, . Paul . Stanley and . Gene . Simmons know how to work the media as well as the thousands of fans that show up for their stage show spectacles! . KISS has had many lineup changes over the years that included . Eric . Carr, . Vinnie . Vincent, . Mark . St. . John, . Bruce . Kulick and . Eric . Singer. . In 1996 . KISS reunited the original four members that brought . KISS to the forefront of rock and roll in the 1970s. . KISS remains to this day one of the most marketed and exposed bands in the music and entertainment industry. This video magazine contains press conference footage and raw footage of . KISS being honored by the entertainment industry as well as rare and exclusive interviews!